Public Lectures, Invited Presentations, and Selected Workshops

Invited Symposium Presenter, “Risky Career Paths and Spirit-Filled Prosperity among Workers in Advanced Capitalism,” Pentecostalism & Prosperity: The Socio-Economics of Global Renewal, invited by Professors Amos Yong and Katy Attanasi, School of Divinity and School of Undergraduate Studies, Regent University, February, 2011.

Conference Plenary Speaker, “’Do I Need to Come to Class?’: The New Challenge of Face and Place in Church-Related Higher Education.” Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts, 20th Anniversary Annual National Conference, Valparaiso University, October, 2010.

Seminar Leader, “Multiethnic Ministries, Innovation, and the Emerging Future of American Churches,” Two day-long seminars, invited by Education Director Kara Faris, Center for Congregations funded by Lilly Endowment, Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana, May, 2010.

Moberg Lecturer – Keynote Speaker, Public Lecture and Chapel Speaker, “Reconciliation in a Global Society: Pursuing Authenticity, Engagement and Action,” The Moberg Lectureship on Christianity and Sociology, invited by Andrew Adubote, also sponsored by Bethel University Office of Diversity and Bethel Antiracism and Reconciliation Commission, Bethel University, February 2010.

Symposium Plenary Speaker, “Becoming a Multiracial Church in a Multicultural World,” Organized around my research, with Kathleen Garces-Foley (Marymount University), Dave Gibbons (New Song), and Alvin Bibbs (Willow Creek), created with Michael Emerson, funded by Humanities Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas, February, 2010.

Workshop Leader, “Can We Bridge Social Science and the Theology of Hope?,” 2009 Emergent Theological Conversation with Jürgen Moltmann, an annual event which has hosted Nancey Murphy, Dallas Willard, Stanley Hauerwas, Walter Brueggemann, Miroslav Volf, John Caputo, and Richard Kearney, Chicago, Illinois, September, 2009.

Invited Speaker, “Multiethnic/Multiracial Diversity and Innovation,” Thrive Conference, Bayside Community Church, Sacramento, California, April, 2009.

Invited Speaker and Consultant, the American Baptist Church denomination, “Wider Trends and the Future of American Congregations,” National Executive Leaders during General Executive Council, invited by C. Jeff Woods, Greenlake, Wisconsin, March, 2009.

Earl Lecturer – Public Lecture and Conference Plenary Speaker, “The Entrepreneurial Edge in a Globalized Evangelicalism,” Two Lectures, Opening and Closing Sessions, 2009 Earl Lectures and Pastoral Leadership Conference addressing Critical Theological, Pastoral, and Social Issues of the Day, invited by President and Professor of American Religion William McKinney, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California, January, 2009.

Invited Speaker, “The Three People in Every Megachurch,” closed meeting with select megachurch leaders, Innovation3 Gathering, Leadership Network, invited by Warren Bird and Scott Thumma, Dallas, Texas, January, 2009.

Invited Speaker, “Engaged Religious Scholarship and the Formation of the Intellectual Self,” Research Presentation and Dialogue on Research Process, Engaged Scholars Project, Congregational Studies Team funded by Lilly Endowment, Louisville Institute, November, 2008.

Inner Compass Interview, “Striving Towards the Multiethnic Church: Interview with Author of A Mosaic of Believers,” video distributed through PBS and hosted by Shirley Hoogstra, Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 2008.

Invited Speaker, “Anticipating Religious Responses to Future Population Change in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County,” Helping Empower Local People (HELP, an association of Clergy from Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville), by invitation from Associate Community Organizer Toure’ Marshall, Charlotte, North Carolina, May, 2008.

Conference Plenary Speaker, “The Future of Evangelicalism,” Three talks for Voxhumana 2.0 Conference, The International Mentoring Network, Orlando, Florida, February, 2007, and February, 2008.

Invited Speaker, “How Race Works in Multiracial Churches,” and “Overcoming Challenges to Racial and Ethnic Diversity.” Worship Symposium, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Center for Excellence in Preaching, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, January, 2008.

Teaching with Technology Workshop, “Using NVIVO Software for Qualitative Research,” sponsored by The Instructional Technology Group, invited by Kristen Eshleman, Davidson College, November, 2005, and November, 2007.

Panelist, “Book Writing and Publishing,” Junior Faculty Workshop with Drs. Mario Belloni and Erland Stevens, organized by Dr. Helen Cho, Davidson College, April, 2007.

Panelist, “Graduate School in the Social Sciences,” invited by Dr. Monica White, Career Services Workshop, Davidson College, September, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Conference Plenary Speaker, “After the Baby Boom: Religion in the Near Future,” Ethos Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, 2007.

Public Lecture, “Worship and the Imperative of Racial and Ethnic Diversity,” Department of Sociology and Calvin Institute for the Study of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “Becoming a Racial Pioneer on Campus,” Cornerstone Regional Conference, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Hickory, North Carolina, February, 2006.

Public Lecture, “Jesus in Hollywood: Religious Ambition in America’s Entertainment Capital,” Co-sponsored by Departments of Sociology, Religion, and the Divinity School, Wake Forest University, November, 2005.

Invited Speaker, “Leadership and Innovation in the Ancient-Future Church,” Ministry Fellows Dinner, by invitation from Dr. Tim Beach-Verhey, Davidson College, December, 2005.

Invited Speaker, “Worshipping Jesus in Hollywood: An Introduction to the Sociology of Religion,” Discover Davidson, college “open house” for prospective students and their family, Davidson College, October, 2005.

Invited Panelist, “Ecclesiology in the Emerging/Postmodern Church,” with Thorsten Moritz (Bethel Seminary) and Charles Conniry, Jr. (George Fox University), Leadership Enrichment Program, Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, September, 2005.

Panelist with Charles White, South East Regional Director, NAACP, “Racism Today: A New Age of Prejudice,” Martin Luther King Jr. Day, invited by Ernest Jeffries, Assistant Dean of Students, Davidson College, January, 2005.

Invited Speaker, “Fear and Friendship: My Racial Experiences in a Multiethnic Church,” Profs on God Series, funded by Lilly Endowment, invited by Dr. Tim Beach-Verhey, Davidson College, January, 2005.

Invited Speaker, “Diversity in a Postmodern Church,” The Multicultural Local Church Conference, Biola University, La Mirada, California, October, 2003.

Invited Speaker, “Church in Postmodern Culture,” Pastoral Summit Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, June, 2003.

Selected Academic Conference Presentations

“African Americans Singing Gospel: The Icon of Worship in Multiracial Churches,” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Denver, CO, October 2009.

“The Three People in Every Megachurch,” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Denver, CO, October 2009.

(By Invitation.)  “Author Meets Critics: Hollywood Faith: Holiness, Prosperity, and Ambition in a Los Angeles Church by Gerardo Marti,” Response to reviews by Don Miller, Kevin Christiano, Kathleen Jenkins, and Richard Flory, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Louisville, KY, October 2008.

Panelist, “Twenty- and Thirty-something Religion in America,” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Louisville, KY, October 2008.

“Ego-affirming Evangelicalism: How a Hollywood Church Appropriates Religion for Workers in the Creative Class,” American Sociological Association, Boston, MA, August 2008.

(By Invitation.)  Panelist, “Author Meets Critics: Reason to Believe: Cultural Agency Latin American Evangelicalism by David Smilde,” Association for the Sociology of Religion, Boston, MA, August 2008.

(By Invitation.)  Participant, Mentoring Session for Graduate Students and Young Professionals, Association for the Sociology of Religion, Boston, MA, August 2008.

(By Invitation.)  Panelist, Teaching the Hidden Curriculum—What Students Really Learn in Our Courses,” Association for the Sociology of Religion, Boston, MA, August 2008.

(With Kevin Wright.)  “The Stranger and the Negro: How Georg Simmel Contributes to Understanding WEB Du Bois’ Double Consciousness,” Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2007.

(With Jaimie Matthews.) “Athletics and Collective Effervescence: Team Spirituality with Team Processes among Religiously Active Student Athletes.” Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2007.

(By Invitation.)  “Author Meets Critics: A Mosaic of Believers: Diversity and Innovation in a Multiethnic Church by Gerardo Marti,” Response to reviews by Michael Emerson, R. Stephen Warner, Korie Edwards, and Russell Jeung, Religious Research Association, Portland, Oregon, October 2006.

(By Invitation.)  Panelist, “Ethnographic Work and Diversity in Congregations,” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Portland, Oregon, October 2006.

(By Invitation.)  Panelist, “Unexpected Affinities, Identity Reorientation, and Ethnic Transcendence: Three Moments in Multiracial Church Membership,” Study of Multicultural Religious Organizations, Joint Session of American Sociological Association-Association for the Sociology of Religion, Montreal, Canada, August 2006.

(By Invitation.)  “Does Worship Music Determine Diversification in Multiracial Congregations? A Preliminary Assessment,” Religious Research Association, Rochester, New York, November 2005.

“Worshipping Jesus in Hollywood: Holiness, Prosperity, and Ambition in a Multiracial Church,” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Rochester, New York, November 2005.

(By Invitation.)  Panelist, “Conversation on Theology in Congregational Life,” Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford, Connecticut, October 2005.

“History, Agency, and Evangelicalism:  How Theology Provokes Innovation in a Los Angeles Church.”  American Sociological Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 2005.

(With Trenita Brookshire.)  “Does Race Matter?  Institutional Expectations and Student Satisfaction at Davidson College,” Southern Sociological Society, Charlotte, North Carolina, April 2005.

(By Invitation.)  “Ethnic Transcendence and Spiritual Kinship in Two Multiethnic Congregations.”  Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Kansas City, Missouri, October 2004.

“Toward a Theory of Congregational Diversification.”  Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Kansas City, Missouri, October 2004.

(By Invitation.)  “Scholarly Confessions of a Religious Researcher.”  Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism, San Francisco, California, August 2004.

(By Invitation.)  “Can Lightning Strike Twice?  A Comparative Analysis of Two, Large, Multiethnic Congregations in Los Angeles.”  American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2003.

(By Invitation.)  “Mosaic: Diversity, Creativity, and Religion in Los Angeles.”  Pacific Sociological Association, Pasadena, California, April 2003.

“Mosaic on Mission: Creativity, Community, and Charismatic Leadership in a Los Angeles Multiethnic Church.”  Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2002.