Davidson College’s Department of Hispanic Studies welcomes you to the Davidson College Program in Madrid


The Davidson College in Madrid program offers you the opportunity to study at one of Spain’s most prestigious universities, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).  The UCM is one of the highest regarded universities in Europe and the Spanish-speaking world.  It boasts over 70,000 undergraduates, 11,000 post-graduates, and 6,000 faculty.

The UCM has long-standing, successful relationships with American universities (e.g. Georgetown and Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and is home to a consortium of U.S. universities called Universidades Norteamericanas Reunidas.  However, the University is not inundated with American programs, and Davidson students will easily find themselves among local students in direct-enroll classes as well as in the cafeterias, libraries and other common areas.  While it  is designed to have a self-sufficient campus feel, the UCM is very close to downtown Madrid.  Thus, there will be ample opportunity for serendipitous, as well as organized, interaction with Spanish students.