Technology Pyramid?


Are we becoming cyber-potatoes? See what Wired recommends for our daily consumption of technology.

You can learn how to do anything on the web!


Somebody, somewhere has a blog or a webpage geared towards answering the everyday imponderabilia of life, such as how to change the oil status indicator on your car. For the Honda Fit, I found at least two blogs dedicated to all things Honda Fit related, and wanted to share the information with you:

More Global Pop Culture


From Korea, to the rest of the world. (Give it time to load, the video is coming from China).

Why you shouldn’t use wikipedia as a source


I know it’s crunch time for undergraduates, but I found another reason why you shouldn’t use wikipedia for scholarly efforts. It’s OK for personal reasons (how old is Grace Slick now?) or for a first introduction to a topic, but if you are going to take the trouble to write a paper, use reliable sources. […]

草泥马: The infamous grass-mud horse


For an explanation of why this is funny, read this article from China Digital Times.

China has the most internet users in the world


From The Economist, 26 Jan 2009

2009 Chinese Nationalism


From Youtube and the China Digital Times: 2009, GO CHINA! 《2009,中国加油》 Lead: Snowstorm, freely falling down to earth, like western values 甲:大雪,像西方的价值观,自由的飘洒, Lead: Despair fills the sky, ice covers the earth 乙:漫天哀愁,一地冰碴 ! Lead: Did China retreat? 甲:中国退缩了吗? All: No. The Olympics were a success! We are victorious! 全:没有!奥运成功了!我们胜利啦! Lead: Hot blood and iron will […]

Twittering 101


OK, one of the loves of teaching is hearing something different from students in class – but as a 40 something year old who has a facebook account (but never checks it), I was surprised to hear how many people in class today did not know about what I thought was a fad for the […]

Dvorak’s rant on academia


John C. Dvorak, a columnist for PC Magazine, recently wrote an article exhorting academics to study such vibrant, popular social phenomenon like Here’s the link to his article on; you should read it first. He starts off the article with the following blast: Universities have got to focus their attention on computers and […]