Xi Shua Shua


This video was a favorite song for the Davidson students on the Journey to China trip in February 2006 to Xinyu, Jiangxi – the song, “Xi Shua Shua” by the Flower Band was very popular at the time.

Journey to China 2006


March 4-5: Jinggang Mountain


The service-learning trip to Xinyu wrapped up with some sightseeing — an overnight trip to Jinggang Mountain.

A long day in Xinyu


2 March 2006 The China team had one more day of teaching, but it was a day that Xinyu College chose to celebrate our coming to their campus.

One more night of local fame


After a long night of karaoke, we started up bright and early again with the students teaching English classes here in the foreign languages department.

Karaoke and the Art of Tea


Written by Joe Dennis. It was a colorful night in the Xinyu City teahouse. Dreamsicle tea mistresses in white silk skirts and orange fluff tops poured jade-colored tea from purple clay pots as rainbow disco lights reflected off their glossy black hair.

First Day Teaching!


On a cold and rainy day in Xinyu, the students started their service work early with an 8:00 lecture. They first attended a class with limited participation in the morning, and then listened to a lecture on the origin of Chinese characters.

Davidson and Mao


A bit of a recap, since we did so much in our one full day in Shanghai. While the team went to visit the old Chinese city part of Shanghai, I bought the airplane tickets to Nanchang and met my graduate school classmate Pan Tianshu who is teaching at Fudan University. Tianshu brought me up […]

Arrival in Xinyu Municipality, Jiangxi Province


We had an early start to our day to make our flight to Jiangxi province, and arrived in Nanchang (the provincial capital) around 11:30 am.

DDR Addenda


Written by Joe Dennis