New Contract with Swank Motion Pictures

Do you use movies in your teaching?  If so, we have exciting news!  The library now has a contract with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., and can arrange streaming video for your classes. 

Unlike almost all of the databases the library subscribes to, this is not a site license.  Each film counts toward our predetermined allotment, must be linked through Moodle, and is restricted to you and the students in your course.  The contract stipulates, “The streaming license provided for motion pictures is for non-theatrical showings only.  Screenings are intended for individual academic use only and cannot be open to the public or projected to an audience outside of the registered course.  Advertising through media such as radio, television or newspaper is strictly prohibited.  Films may not be duplicated, copied, modified, or captured in any permanent way by use of computer or digital recording device.”  Within those restrictions, however, the film is available 24/7 from anywhere on campus.  You may show it in class or have students watch it on their own.  If you’d like a group showing, one of your students may simply log into Moodle to show the film to the group.  If you would still like to reserve a room in Chambers for this purpose, reserve the room with Nancy Dickens. If you want Instructional Support to be aware of the showing in case there are equipment problems, please contact Diane Stirling.  Remember, however, that her students cannot start the film for your class since they are not registered and therefore have no access to your Moodle content.

To use this content in your course, just send Jean Coates your reserve list as you usually would.  She’ll check the Swank catalog and let you know if your films are available.  Then she’ll contact Swank to authorize use of the movie by your class and create the link in Moodle.  Still want the DVD on reserve?  No problem!  Jean will do that, too.  You don’t have to choose between the DVD and streaming; you are welcome to have both.

Swank’s “current and future library” includes titles distributed by ABC Family, Allied Artists, Apparition, Artisan Films, Buena Vista, CBS Film, Columbia Pictures, Disneynature, DreamWorks Studios, E1 Entertainment, Fine Line Features, First Independent Pictures, First Look, Focus Films, Hallmark Hall of Fame, Hollywood Pictures, Image Entertainment, Koch Lorber Films, Lionsgate Films, Lorimar Pictures, Magnolia Pictures, MGM, Miramax, Monterey Media, New Line Cinema, Orion Pictures, Outsider Pictures, Overture, Paramount Classics, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Pixar Animation, Republic Pictures, RKO Pictures, Rogue Pictures, Screen Gems, Screen Media, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, The Weinstein Co., Touchstone Pictures, Trimark, TriStar Pictures, United Artist, Universal Pictures, Vivendi Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Warner Independent Pictures.  The contract notes, “Feature film producers listed are those supplying titles at the time of this printing, and since Producers may vary from year to year, it is possible that one or more Producers may be added or removed.”

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