Home (again): locally-owned & home grown

NC LIVE Home Grown eBook Collection

It's July in the South. The humidity is high, cicadas are buzzing, crepe myrtles are slowly dropping their blooms, and gardens are producing plentiful supplies of tomatoes and squash. It's the perfect time to grab a glass of iced tea, sit out on your porch, and read. What to read? There are lots of lists of recommended titles, but I want to highlight two new collections for summer-time browsing. Both are local and home-grown. Fire up the wifi and check out: BrowZine BrowZine is a library … [Read more...]

Identity, Data, and Davidson 101


How does college shape identity? This question is central to this year’s Library Davidson 101, an online survey and exercise for Davidson’s incoming first-year students. Back in January, librarian Matthew Vest wrote a post about our analysis of the 2013 data gathered from this assignment. The data is extremely useful to us, and we strive to make Library Davidson 101 useful for the students too. Our theme for Library Davidson 101 is tied to this year’s common reading book, The Other Wes … [Read more...]

The Future of Library Technology as Foretold by Small Boys

Since joining academia my summers seem to be consumed with three kinds of activities: Finishing projects from the previous academic year. Pondering future projects and services, and in particular what the future of technology in our library should be. Keeping my school aged children occupied during summer vacation. I’ve attended three technology related conferences in the last month, so technology was already on my mind when I watched LITA’s Top Tech Trends session from this year’s … [Read more...]


I’ve just returned from the Annual Conference of the American Library Association, an event that typically draws about 20,000 librarians to some major city (Las Vegas this year) for several days of meetings and programs.  Since I’m past-chair of the College Libraries Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and vice-chair of ACRL’s Leadership Recruitment and Nomination Committee, much of my conference was taken up with meetings.  A session I really wanted to attend—Top … [Read more...]

Of mice and mold

Abandoned mouse nest in map case drawer.

Libraries contain records that describe many "things wise and wonderful"; occasionally, however, we unwittingly house "creatures great and small" (mostly small). Over the years, our library has welcomed many visitors: prospective students and their parents, alumni returning for reunion, local researchers, notable authors and lecturers, and scholars visiting from overseas. We try to offer all a warm welcome, information about our services and resources, possibly a quick tour, and, on these … [Read more...]