In Thanksgiving: Sara Lee Enders

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As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to take the opportunity to give thanks for the life and work of the library's long-time Government Information Assistant, colleague, and friend: Sara Lee Enders. Sara Lee died on November 15th, and we in the library have been mourning her passing. Several months ago, my colleague Craig Milberg gave a shout out to colleagues whose work is essential to the library and the services that we provide but who, because they work "in the back," are … [Read more...]

Mold Preservation Workshop: Prevention and Treatment Strategies

Sharon Byrd and Michael Forney dry cleaning with a HEPA filter.

In early November, library staff employees Sharon Byrd, Jean Coates, Michael Forney, Clara Nguyen, Denise Sherrill, and Alice Sloop attended a preservation workshop for mold prevention and treatment strategies. The workshop was presented by Adrienne Berney, a Collections Care Trainer from DCR Connecting to Collections, and hosted by Iredell Museums located in Statesville, NC. The workshop began with an introduction and tour of the premises by Debbie Newby, the museum director. Iredell Museums … [Read more...]

“Die Mauer ist gefallen!”


"The wall has fallen!" This past Sunday, November 9, 2014, marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Davidson hosted a number of themed experiences to commemorate this historic event, not the least of which was the erection and destruction of a "Berlin Wall" in front of our very own E.H. Little Library.  The Wall began as a stark white, plywood structure.  However, with the words: “Graffiti encouraged!!” and the promise of a prize displayed on a poster nearby, the wall did … [Read more...]

“I Don’t Like E-Books”

Brian Mathews, the librarian at Virginia Tech who writes the “Ubiquitous Librarian” blog for the Chronicle, posted something the other day that was so simple and so smart that I can’t stop thinking about it.  He said, “I met with a group of students earlier this month and the topic of eBooks came up. They unanimously expressed a preference for print. I was curious. What I found was that none of them had read a book on an eBook Reader. Their exposure was limited to viewing content via a web … [Read more...]

Inside Looking Out or Outside Looking In

As our library continues our strategic planning process, one topic that has been raised is the value of effort spent on external professional activities since they take time away from activities that directly impact Davidson.   This topic resonates with me as I’ve significantly increased my external professional activities in the last year.  So, it is worthwhile to examine what value, if any,  publishing, presenting, and service activities bring to individuals and Davidson. Davidson … [Read more...]