Students as Creators of Knowledge

Recently the Information Literacy team at Davidson submitted a proposal to lead a conversation at the upcoming Innovative Library Classroom about students as creators of knowledge-content. And, in December, we heard back from the conference leaders that our proposal had been approved. Our team is very excited about our proposal, because it both highlights what we view as an important component of student learning and addresses how we might satisfy that component with limited time and … [Read more...]

In Common

In academia, we often focus on the unique or particular: a faculty member's area of research, a student's record of achievement, a program's national ranking, a journal's impact factor. Distinctions and differences drive intellectual debate and foster critical inquiry. This can sometimes seem like a sophisticated version of "one of these things is not like the other." At every institution, academic departments, admissions, and development offices celebrate differences, comparing and often … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Library staff have returned from the holiday break and are gearing up for the spring semester, and some of us are having some re-entry adjustment (getting up early in the morning—eeuuw!), so I offer something light to help us all ramp up to the new year. I’ve just started reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, a novel by Robin Sloan.  I’ll participate/lurk  in an online book discussion on Friday afternoon, organized and hosted by the TLT Group as part of its series on using cognitive … [Read more...]

Read this about Scholarly Publishing

If I could persuade faculty colleagues to read one thing over the holiday break, it would be this short piece in the current Harvard Magazine: “The ‘Wild West’ of Academic Publishing: The Troubled Present and Promising Future of Scholarly Publishing.” If you’ve ever wondered: Why university presses are struggling and why they’re publishing fewer books than they used to, Why libraries don’t buy as many scholarly monographs as they used to, Why the whole scholarly communication system … [Read more...]

Systems Librarian Faces the Innovation Challenge

The library has begun a discussion about excellence in relation to innovation. Forty years ago, simply automating manual processes was innovative! Handling textual data was cutting edge. As libraries began to adopt this new technology, a new breed of librarian emerged - the "systems librarian."  Keeping the "library catalog" (a euphemism for the integrated system that supports circulation, acquisition, and discovery of library resources) and the equipment to access the catalog up and running … [Read more...]