Stored and Storied: An Ode to JSTOR

There was a time when shelves their limits neared, packed tight, and many tomes in dust to me appeared unused, neglected, contents spurned; why must each store what's seldom needed, just in case? It is not now a student seeks out print and copier; online- only option their only desire, PDF reprint. JSTOR, JSTOR, how do students love thee? We can surely count the ways, but librarians' love for JSTOR is perhaps stronger and not as easily quantified. Certainly, everyone, students … [Read more...]

Frozen Streets and Broken Links: Musing on a Snow Day

Last Monday night a swirl of ice and snow swept through Davidson, threatening to shut streets down, take down power-lines, and perhaps cancel classes. Luckily, through all of it, the doors to the library remained open, thanks much to our essential staff and our student workers. And of course, had the library been closed, one could always access much of our resources online. Despite the weather ravaging our daily routines, the world of information has remained preserved. Or has it? With our … [Read more...]

Music & Political Protest

Billie Holiday

When most Americans think of protest songs, they probably think of the ‘60’s. Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, anti-war, pro-civil rights. The 1960’s were especially active years for this genre of songwriting, but they certainly weren’t the only years. The oral tradition of protest songs dates back further than we are probably able to accurately identify, and the songwriting tradition continues today. Our bulletin board outside of the entrance to the music library honors the tradition of artists engaging … [Read more...]

I’ll Resist the Seinfeld Reference

I'm currently participating in Davidson’s first cohort of faculty, students and staff experimenting with Davidson Domains.   Davidson Domains is a program spearheaded by ITS and the Digital Studies program at Davidson: “which will provide every Davidson student a unique domain name and access to an open source platform like WordPress. The Web domain will serve as a foundation students’ online presence at Davidson and beyond. As students progress through the Davidson curriculum, they will … [Read more...]

Students as Creators of Knowledge

Recently the Information Literacy team at Davidson submitted a proposal to lead a conversation at the upcoming Innovative Library Classroom about students as creators of knowledge-content. And, in December, we heard back from the conference leaders that our proposal had been approved. Our team is very excited about our proposal, because it both highlights what we view as an important component of student learning and addresses how we might satisfy that component with limited time and … [Read more...]