Pickles and Preservation


Have you wandered by the microfilm cabinets lately and thought that you smelled pickles? We aren't opening a deli in the basement. The odor is indeed vinegar-like, and it is a sign of a serious problem: the deterioration of our acetate-based microfilm, a condition known as "vinegar syndrome." Earlier this year, I wrote about mice and mold in the library. For certain kinds of microfilm and microfiche, vinegar syndrome is just as much of a threat and just as destructive as mold. Unlike mold, … [Read more...]

Research Rescue at the Library and Beyond

As everyone at Davidson prepares for a little R & R over Fall Break, here at the library we are prepping for our own bit of ‘R’ & ‘R’—Research Rescue. Starting this Thursday 10/9, Research Rescue will be available in the Fishbowl every Thursday from 3-4pm. For those of you unfamiliar with Research Rescue, it is essentially a time at which research librarians will be available to answer any questions, discuss your research, and whatever else might fit your information needs, all at one … [Read more...]

Minding our Qs and Ts

In a few days' time, we will formally complete the transfer of the Chemistry Library to the main library. It's been an eighteen-month project, and a memorable one. The books are all here; everything is done, except for one final task. Like turning off the light and locking the door that last time after you've sold your house, we will bid farewell and formally close the Chemistry Library by removing the "Chemistry Library" location from the library catalog. The Martin Chemistry Library will then … [Read more...]

Why I Teach

As I begin work on this blog post, I’ve just picked up my third information literacy class for this week.  On Wednesday I’m teaching REL 276, Sunni & Shi’ite Islam.  On Thursday my colleague Cara Evanson and I will work with PSY 303, Behavioral Neuroscience, and on Friday I’ll co-teach MUS 141, World Musics, with fellow librarian Sara Swanson.  I have a research consultation this afternoon and reference shifts on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is why I love being a library director at a liberal … [Read more...]

Ten Minutes

It was Monday afternoon about 2:30.  I needed a quick answer from a colleague, so I stepped out of my office and walked about 40 feet to her office. The one minute conversation turned into ten minutes (not an uncommon occurrence). I hadn’t locked my office, which isn’t unusual.  Many of my colleagues were around, and I wasn’t really thinking about security.  As I worked, my iPad was sitting on my desk in plain view and my laptop was hooked up to the network and external monitor.  My laptop is … [Read more...]