Librarian Bootcamp

Every summer, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) holds a week-long “bootcamp” for instruction and information literacy librarians called Immersion.  It consists of two tracks:  the Teacher Track and the Program Track. A number of librarians here at Davidson have attended the Teacher Track in past years.  Four years ago, I had the opportunity to attend it in Burlington, Vermont.   Teacher Track focuses on learning theories, innovative and inclusive pedagogies, and … [Read more...]

The Library as Spinach

(Think slimy canned spinach, not delicious fresh spinach in a tasty salad.) My first job as a librarian was in a theological seminary, where we had students aged 22-50 and beyond, many with small children.  One day a student came into the library with his fussy toddler, clearly juggling child care responsibilities with the need to do some library research.  As the understandably bored child whined and began to act up, the student said, “Stop it, or that librarian [pointing at me] will make … [Read more...]

Institutional Repository Update

flahs conserves energy

We are in the “dog days of summer” as we get ready for the semester in the heat and humidity of a Carolina’s August.  This this is fine with “Flash,” but it means that while I want to write a meaningful blog entry, I’d like to minimize my effort.   With this in mind, I’m going to offer an update on a project I am intimate with, Davidson’s Institutional Repository. Flash conserves energy during the “dog days”   Our great summer students have made significant progress, and the … [Read more...]

It’s Christmas in August! Keyless lockers have arrived!

New library lockers

Santa came early this year and brought 24 wonderful combination lock lockers on the back of his sleigh.   You might be wondering, “why all of the excitement about a bunch of lockers?”  Up till now, we had been offering lockers to students that required locks and keys.  Students loved the convenience of being able to store textbooks and other valuables in the safety of a locker, but they didn’t like having to add yet another key to their keychain.  And, distributing locks and keys and then … [Read more...]

Home (again): locally-owned & home grown

NC LIVE Home Grown eBook Collection

It's July in the South. The humidity is high, cicadas are buzzing, crepe myrtles are slowly dropping their blooms, and gardens are producing plentiful supplies of tomatoes and squash. It's the perfect time to grab a glass of iced tea, sit out on your porch, and read. What to read? There are lots of lists of recommended titles, but I want to highlight two new collections for summer-time browsing. Both are local and home-grown. Fire up the wifi and check out: BrowZine BrowZine is a library … [Read more...]