Read this about Scholarly Publishing

If I could persuade faculty colleagues to read one thing over the holiday break, it would be this short piece in the current Harvard Magazine: “The ‘Wild West’ of Academic Publishing: The Troubled Present and Promising Future of Scholarly Publishing.” If you’ve ever wondered: Why university presses are struggling and why they’re publishing fewer books than they used to, Why libraries don’t buy as many scholarly monographs as they used to, Why the whole scholarly communication system … [Read more...]

Systems Librarian Faces the Innovation Challenge

The library has begun a discussion about excellence in relation to innovation. Forty years ago, simply automating manual processes was innovative! Handling textual data was cutting edge. As libraries began to adopt this new technology, a new breed of librarian emerged - the "systems librarian."  Keeping the "library catalog" (a euphemism for the integrated system that supports circulation, acquisition, and discovery of library resources) and the equipment to access the catalog up and running … [Read more...]

Late Nights at Little Library

This semester has been the first in the history of E.H. Little Library that we have stayed open all night, after the staff leave the building.  We have been very pleased that the students using the building overnight have been very respectful and we have found the building just as clean when opening back up each morning as we did when no one was here overnight.  We were a bit concerned about the new classroom on the ground floor (old 24 hour room) taking too much time to clean up before classes … [Read more...]

In Thanksgiving: Sara Lee Enders

enders2 (2)

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to take the opportunity to give thanks for the life and work of the library's long-time Government Information Assistant, colleague, and friend: Sara Lee Enders. Sara Lee died on November 15th, and we in the library have been mourning her passing. Several months ago, my colleague Craig Milberg gave a shout out to colleagues whose work is essential to the library and the services that we provide but who, because they work "in the back," are … [Read more...]

Mold Preservation Workshop: Prevention and Treatment Strategies

Sharon Byrd and Michael Forney dry cleaning with a HEPA filter.

In early November, library staff employees Sharon Byrd, Jean Coates, Michael Forney, Clara Nguyen, Denise Sherrill, and Alice Sloop attended a preservation workshop for mold prevention and treatment strategies. The workshop was presented by Adrienne Berney, a Collections Care Trainer from DCR Connecting to Collections, and hosted by Iredell Museums located in Statesville, NC. The workshop began with an introduction and tour of the premises by Debbie Newby, the museum director. Iredell Museums … [Read more...]