The Glebe

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The Glebe

Publication Dates:
September 1913 (1:1) – November 1914 (2:4)

Frequency of Publication:
Irregular: 10 numbers over 15 months

300 copies

Places of Publication:
Ridgefield, NJ: Sept. 1913 (1:1)
New York, NY: Oct. 1913 – Nov. 1914 (1:2 – 2:4)

60 – 120 pages. All issues were devoted to a single author’s work, with the exception of the Imagiste number (1:5) which presented the works of eleven poets.
Sept. 1913 (1:1): Songs, Sighs and Curses, Adolf Wolff
1913 (1:2): Diary of a Suicide, Wallace Baker
1913 (1:3): The Azure Adder, Charles Demuth
1914 (1:4): Love of One’s Neighbor, Leonid Andreyev
1914 (1:6): Erna Vitek, Alfred Kreymborg
1914 (2:1): Collects, Horace Traubel
1914 (2:2): Poems, George W. Cronyn
1914 (2:3): Erdgeist, Frank Wedekind
1914 (2:4): Pandora’s Box, Frank Wedekind

Alfred Kreymborg

Associate Editor:
Man Ray

The Glebe, Ridgefield, NJ (Sept. – Oct. 1913)
A. and C. Boni, New York (Nov. 1913 – Oct. 1914)

Libraries with Complete Original Issues:
Northwestern University; Ohio State University; Pennsylvania State University; Brown University; University of California, Berkeley

Reprint Editions:
Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI, 2004 (Little Magazines. American 1910 – 1919) [Microform]
New York: Kraus Reprint, 1967.
PDFs of selected issues available on Google Books.

Compiled by Ruthie Hill (Class of ’07, Davidson College,) Sabrina Rissing (Class of ’06, Davidson College), and David Tulis (Class of ’05, Davidson College)

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