The Dial

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The Dial

Publication Dates:
July 1920 (1:1) – July 1929 (86:7)
May 1880 – Nov. 1919
Jan. 1860 – Dec. 1860
July 1840 – April 1844

Frequency of Publication:
Monthly (1920 – 1929)

Place of Publication:
New York, New York (1918 -1929)

6 3/8″ x 10″ sized paper stock. Color varied from dusty rose to light tan. This format was the same as the original run of The Dial, 1840-44. Published short fiction, verse, and reviews of literature with occasional art reproductions and reviews of theater, music, and modern art.

Scofield Thayer (1920-25)
Dr. James Sibley Watson, Jr. (1920-29)
Marianne Moore (1925-1929)

The Dial Publishing Company, NY. Owned by Thayer and Watson.

Libraries with Complete Original Issues:
Davidson College (bound)

Reprint Editions:
Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI, 1973. (American periodical series: 1850 – 1900) [microfilm]
Searchable table of contents, 1880 – 1929, available from Periodicals Index Online.

Compiled by Catherine Walker (Class of ’06) and James Butler (Class of ’07, Davidson College)

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