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Broom: An International Magazine of the Arts

Publication Dates:
Nov. 1921 (1:1) – Jan. 1924 (6:1), none published Mar. 1922 and Apr.-Jul. 1923

Frequency of Publication:

Approx. 4000 by 1923

Places of Publication:
Rome, Italy: Nov. 1921 – Sept. 1922 (1:1 – 3:2)
Berlin, Germany: Oct. 1922 – Mar. 1923 (3:3 – 4:4)
New York, New York: Aug. 1923 – Jan. 1924 (5:1 – 6:1)

33 cm in length. Contained book reviews, illustrations, criticism, short stories, plays, poems, reviews of cinema and theater. Frequent reproductions of paintings, sculptures, and woodcuts. Advertisements began appearing in April 1922 (2:1). Issues typically ran approx. 100 pages in length.

Single issue: $0.50
Subscription: $5.00

Harold A. Loeb (Nov. 1921 – Jan. 1924)
Alfred Kreymborg (Nov. 1921 – Feb. 1922)
Lola Ridge (American editor)

Associate Editors:
Slater Brown, Matthew Josephson, Malcolm Cowley

The Broom Publishing Company, Inc., at 47 West 34th Street, New York.

Libraries with Complete Original Issues:
Harvard University, Houghton Library; Ohio State University

Reprint Editions:
New York: Kraus Reprint Co., 1967
Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI, 2004 (Little Magazines. American, 1920 – 1929) [microform]
PDF of Aug. 1922 issue (3:1) available online at GoogleBooks

Compiled by Emily Smith (Class of ’06, Davidson College)

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