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Dancing Through the Rain

After five weeks of practice at SARD, we spent one of our last days in Cape Coast presenting all that we had learned for a final showcase in our graduation ceremony. We had spent our weeks learning two Fanti songs, two drumming routines, and two … [Read more]

As if I’m Staring in the Mirror

As my time in Ghana comes to an end, I must say that I'll miss this amazing place. Initially I was so unsure of how I would find my experience in this nation. I was warned that I'd be referred to as an "obrane", (becuse some letters are not included … [Read more]

Family in Ghana

After work on Friday, myself, Carmen and Lin headed to a Ford station to catch a “Tro-Tro” (van) from Cape Coast to Accra. This was my first time on a Tro Tro and I was excited for this new journey, because everyone says that you have not really … [Read more]

The Fever That Never Ends

With the world cup entering the elimination stages, soccer, or “football”, fever remains in all of Ghana. Though the Ghanaians were eliminated, nothing has changed while the holy-grail of soccer tournament continued. Vendors continue to sell jersey … [Read more]

Nzulezo: The Village on Stilts

A slight breeze ruffled the reeds, as the soft splash of the oars rippled into the sky. Twisted mangroves were tangled in their own leaves and brilliant greens to the extent that you couldn’t tell where the trees ended and the reflected image began. … [Read more]

Ghana vs. Gas

This weekend our group traveled to many different places for our last free weekend. A group of us traveled to Accra to stay with a friend and to experience some of the differences that are present in the capital that the are not in the area we have … [Read more]

Go, Black Stars, Go!

It is a well known fact that soccer (or more popularly known as football) is the most popular sport worldwide. Although every country seems to get excited for their respective teams reaching the World Cup, the United States has a much higher fan base … [Read more]

The HIV Clinic

For the last two weeks of my internship at the hospital, I am shadowing in public health. The busy days in public health are Tuesday/Thursday, as Tuesdays are a child welfare clinic, while Thursday is an HIV clinic. After one of the public health … [Read more]

Planned Parenthood!

Working with Planned Parenthood has been one of my favorite parts of this program. I’ve learned so much during these short six weeks and I’m slowly figuring out that this is the sort of work I would love the opportunity to do in the future. When … [Read more]

“We are being chased by the police”

I wish that the title of this post was simply a clever joke, but the words accurately summarize the experience that Angie and I had today during our commute to Sankofa School, where we both volunteer as teachers. Normally, we walk from the guesthouse … [Read more]