What Can We Learn In Six Years?

Looking at data from the past six seasons, as well as the current season of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (formerly known as the NEXTEL Cup (2004-2007)), what would you expect to see? Who would you expect to have the best starting or finishing … [Read more]

Sending it home

America loves sports.  Baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), football (NFL), and hockey (NHL) are the “Big Four,” to say.  Children grow up playing these sports.  Some have the opportunity to play in college and a few go on to play professionally. … [Read more]


Following the last post, this week’s will continue by demonstrating how tools can be created to gather NASCAR race information from social media, specifically Twitter. Histograms are bar graphs. The data presented in a histogram is categorized … [Read more]

Racing through Twitter

The upcoming Sprint Cup Series race is to be held in Fontana, CA.  Around 50 miles away from Los Angeles, CA, one of our nation's largest media hubs.  Attempting to follow suit, this post views NASCAR from the scope of social media, Twitter.  With … [Read more]

Implications of the Sprint Cup Points System

This week the NASCAR Sprint Cup series visits Las Vegas, NV.  It’s fitting in a town that celebrates risk to look at how the chips are counted in season championship. The NASCAR Sprint Cup driver championship and owners championship is awarded … [Read more]

Can anyone win at Daytona?

It’s common knowledge to the average NASCAR fan that races at Daytona and Talladega are different from other races.  In both cases, restrictor plates are placed in each car near the engine in order to slow the cars’ top speeds down to around 200 … [Read more]

The Envelope has Arrived

Welcome to The Envelope - a sports analytics blog focused on professional motor racing. We are hosted in Davidson, NC and in the heart of NASCAR country.  We are minutes away from many top teams and Charlotte Motor Speedway is only a short drive … [Read more]