New Semester, New Ideas – Same Me!

It's hard to believe my summer with the Education Scholars has come to an end. I've learned so much about our education system and find myself viewing my involvement at Davidson from a whole new perspective. Click the link below to check out the avatar I created to represent how I plan to apply my learning from this summer to further my work with various student organizations and to continue to develop myself as an educational change-maker in our community. Though I find myself entering this new semester with some very new knowledge, skills, and mindsets, I'm continually drawn to the same groups and interests that I've always been attracted to. Can't wait to embrace this clash of new-self and old-self and discover what wonderful progress results! Guaranteed to be a tough semester after … [Read more...]

Channeling Empathy

About three weeks ago, the Levine Museum’s “Out of the Shadows” exhibit was uninstalled to make way for a new exhibit on the LGBTQ movement in Charlotte.  “Out of the Shadows” was an exhibit that artfully humanized the struggle of living two lives—one visible and one invisible—among undocumented youth, primarily from the Latino community.  In the wake of the exhibit’s un-installation, I have been increasingly thinking about students’ accessibility to higher education, particularly among undocumented students. Currently, undocumented students are guaranteed a K-12 public education, and access to higher education is determined on a state-by-state basis.  But in a work force that requires more than a high school diploma, options become very slim and futures are very limited for … [Read more...]

Data Discovery, Episode 1

The following Prezi summarizes the most important research findings from the graduate thesis, titled “An Analysis of Dropout Trends in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools,” written by Justin Lane, a former researcher at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute. This Prezi is the first in a series of Data Discovery Prezis. The purpose of these presentations is to educate community members about key data trends that inform how we serve our most vulnerable populations. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. And, be sure your volume is turned on as you proceed through the Prezi!  … [Read more...]

Questions Kindled at Exeunt

Change is on the horizon (Photo by Author)

“My hope is that after this program you all will leave not with answers, but a collection of burning questions that you want to go out and solve.” Allison Dulin, creator and coordinator of our program, said this to us at the beginning of the Education Scholars program, or something along those lines. Initially, I didn’t understand exactly what she meant. We learn and questions are answered, or so things typically go. A meaningful chat with Rex (Allison’s husband) at a cookout, however, helped me dig in and really understand what those questions look like for me now. When I asked about his work in the financial sector, Rex explained to me some frustrations since the culture and structure of the system functions similarly to fifty years ago. For example, banks still use a FICO score … [Read more...]

The Future of Education, and the Scholars

future of learning

At the end of our orientation week, the Education Scholars explored the future of learning and our vision for education. We worked in small groups to complete the sentence “In the future, learning will…” and to draw a visual representation of our thoughts. Zero groups drew a picture of learning that happened solely within the confines of the schoolhouse. Almost every idea included innovative learning strategies, collaborative work, and teacher autonomy. We then came together as a group of ten to combine our phrases into one. This sentence can be found on the blog, and it is our collaborative effort: “We are working toward a world where learning will revolve around interconnected people, institutions, and disciplines that emphasize transferable skills and value education.” Though … [Read more...]