ACADENG_LewisHello, and welcome to cynthialewiswriting.davidson.edu. The purpose of this site is to share excerpts from my creative nonfiction, which ranges from reportage to personal narrative. Much of my published reported nonfiction concerns American culture—for example, American women bodybuilders, professional gambling in Las Vegas, women’s obsession with shoes, crime, and criminal investigation. Two of my personal pieces have been selected as “Notable Essays” by the editor of the Best American Essays series: “Going Plastic in Costa Rica” (The Antioch Review, 2005) and “While I Was Stalked” (Shenandoah, 2006). My essay profiling serial / Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph was featured on NPR and other national media. On the less serious side, Bikini Is a State of Mind, co-written with three friends, has been optioned by a Hollywood director.

I’ve taught Shakespeare, Renaissance drama, and creative nonfiction at Davidson College for going on 30 years. During that time, my “Performing Shakespeare” seminar has produced 10 plays, I’ve been integrally involved in the four Royal Shakespeare Company residencies on campus, and I’ve taken a group of students to the Edinburgh, Scotland, Fringe Drama Festival to perform a selection of scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

For more information about my academic career as a college English professor, please consult my web page on the Davidson College Web site. For more information about my nonfiction, feel free to write to me at the address provided on this site. Thanks for your interest.