The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) is a place where experts in technology, library sciences, and education work together under one roof to support the work of the Davidson community of scholars—from first-year students to tenured professors. The center is located in the renovated E.H. Little Library with a satellite tutoring location in the South basement of Chambers.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year the center offers events, presentations, seminars, and workshops that explore innovations in communication and technology and the ways they affect teaching and learning. From new ideas to best practices, we’re here to help you stay at the forefront.

  • Aaron Swartz’s Story: Internet Activism, Open Access and Social Justice

    Please join us for one of two free screenings of The Internet’s Own Boy, a documentary about Aaron’s life, which will be accompanied by an optional discussion about hacking, open access to research, and internet activism afterward. Food and refreshments will be provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

    Monday, October 19
    Union Room 209
    Thursday, October 22
    C. Shaw Smith 900 Room

    Aaron Swartz was a computer programmer, activist, hacker, and political organizer. A co-founder of Reddit and the Creative IOB_photos_0002_Photo 03_Aaron SwartzCommons movement, he worked tirelessly to overthrow information privilege and make knowledge available to all, regardless of socioeconomic status. After facing serious legal repercussions for attempting to download large amounts of JSTOR articles and data, Aaron took his own life at the age of 26.


  • Physics Department and Center for Teaching and Learning Present Eric Mazur


    Eric Mazur, the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and area dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University will present two lectures on Friday, October 16th. The first, Confessions of a Converted Lecturer, will begin at 6 p.m. The second, Flat Space, Deep Learning, will begin at 7:30 p.m. An internationally recognized scientist and researcher, he leads a vigorous research program in optical physics. Mazur has founded several companies and plays an active role in the industry. For more information on both lectures, please see below.

    Confessions of a Converted Lecturer
    Friday, October 16th | 6:00pm | Dana Science Classroom – 146
    Abstract: I thought I was a good teacher until I discovered my students were just memorizing information rather than learning to understand the material. Who was to blame? The students? The material? I will explain how I came to the agonizing conclusion that the culprit was neither of these. It was my teaching that caused students to fail! I will show how I have adjusted my approach to teaching and how it has improved my students’ performance significantly

    Flat space, deep learning
    Friday, October 16th | 7:30pm | Dana Science Classroom – 146
    Abstract: The teaching of physics to engineering students has remained stagnant for close to a century. In this novel team-based, project-based approach, we break the mold by giving students ownership of their learning. This new course has no standard lectures or exams, yet students’ conceptual gains are significantly greater than those obtained in traditional courses. The course blends six best practices to deliver a learning experience that helps students develop important skills, including communication, estimation, problem solving, and team skills, in addition to a solid conceptual understanding of physics. This showcase will discuss the course philosophy and pedagogical approach and participants will take part in a new form of collaborative assessment. While the course we are piloting is an engineering physics course, the methods described in this talk are applicable to STEM and other fields.

    Refreshments and a meet and greet session will occur between the two lectures.  To RSVP for either lecture, please complete the RSVP form and for additional information and questions, please contact Sue Fabros (