This week i will focus on the progress that Libya and its ruling NTC has made on the way to building a new nation

Federalism and fragmentation in Libya? Not so fast…- Foreign Policy Magazine

Libyan Militias Turn to Politics, a Volatile Mix- The New York Times

Libya’s recover: Better than it sounds- The Economist

Holding Libya Together: Security Challenges after Qadhafi – International Crisis Group

Libya economy banks on cash for recovery- BBC World News

Restoring oil output key to Libya’s recovery: IMF- Reuters

Libya Patience With Militias Wears Thin as Violence Spreads- Buisnessweek

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  1.    Haywood Rankin on April 14, 2012 5:53 pm      Reply

    Very good, up-to-date articles, which paint a disturbing, although not yet completely bleak, picture of Libya’s future. Little is said about Islamism, which is surely also a worrying feature, but there are plenty of other problems: regional separatism (not just the East but also the South), the growing culture of violence and arms, the complete lack of entrepreneurship (all the work was done by Egyptians, Tunisians, and Africans), lack of culture of democracy or political cooperation. Oil may be a blessing in the end but, as we have discussed, it is also a curse.

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