Emerging Professionals Career Summit: February 7-8, 2015

Emerging Professionals Career Summit
Davidson College, Davidson, NC
Saturday to Sunday, February 7 to 8, 2015

Visit www.davidson.edu/offices/career-development/career-summit for more information and to apply.
Application Deadline: December 28, 2014

The Emerging Professionals Group (EPG) and Davidson College are pleased to host the Emerging Professionals Career Summit sponsored by Red Ventures. This summit will bring together high achieving college students and professionals to gain the skills to excel in today’s dynamic professional environment and broaden their understanding of several different corporate and non-profit career paths.

Who Are We Looking For?
Driven African American and Hispanic/Latino sophomores and juniors attending Davidson College and other U.S. colleges and universities.

What Can You Expect?
Students will partake in a unique professional development experience and learn how to stand out in what is increasingly a crowded, hyper competitive job market for recent graduates. You will interact with corporate and non-profit leaders from across the country, participate in panel discussions and industry focused information sessions, build your network with other high achieving diverse students, depart inspired and empowered – and have fun!

Who Will You Meet?
Young professionals, senior leaders, alumni, and recruiters, and entrepreneurs from companies including:

  • Red Ventures
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bain Consulting
  • LinkedIn
  • Bank of America
  • Duke Energy
  • Teach for America
  • Carlisle and Gallagher Consulting Group
  • and more….

How Much?
Free for all participants.

What is the Emerging Professionals Group (EPG)
A decade ago, Davidson College alumni Donnie Johnson ‘00 and Vincent Benjamin ’04, founded The Emerging Professional Group (EPG) based on the belief that if they created an environment of elevated expectations, enhanced awareness, and intense preparation they could create phenomenal professional opportunities for motivated students. EPG has taken over 100 students through a development program that has prepared them for professional success after graduation. They have been blown away by the outcomes as the careers they have seen blossom have exceed their expectations. Students have landed amazing internships and full-time employment at consulting firms, investment banks, non-profit institutions, and law firms. Others have matriculated to a diverse array of graduate schools and even started their own companies as entrepreneurs. They passionately believe that IF they help you achieve your maximum career potential THEN you will help others down the road. This is what drives them.

You owe it to yourself and others to maximize the investment of time, energy, and money that is your college experience.

Please do not pass up this unique opportunity. For more information and application instructions please visit www.davidson.edu/offices/career-development/career-summit. Questions can be emailed to careersummit@davidson.edu.

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The Nature Conservancy 2015 GLOBE Internship Program Student Informational Session – Tuesday, December 16, 2014



The Nature Conservancy

2015 GLOBE Internship Program

Student Informational Session - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Did you graduate in 2013, 2014 or will be graduating in May 2015 with your Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D.? If so, you qualify for this extraordinary internship program!

Are you seeking a structured internship experience with a strong orientation, the on-boarding process,  professional training, networking opportunities, mentoring (buddy) program, and real work experience?

If your answer is YES to both questions, join us on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 7:00pm EST to learn more about the GLOBE Program. We will also discuss the application process and answer any questions you may have about the program. To join the call, you will need access to a computer and phone line.  Below are the instructions:

How to Join the Web-Ex:

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 7:00pm EST (log on approximately 5-10minutes early)

Go to https://nethope.webex.com/nethope/j.php?MTID=mdde4699fdc0b1958873d5ff014c0ffb1

  • Dial 1-866-385-9623
  • Conference Code:  547 920 8976

Feel free to share this with your peers and don’t forget to mark your calendars!

FYI, all positions are currently posted on www.nature.org/careers until Friday, January 23, 2015, just in case you cannot attend the Web-Ex.

 For Questions or Comments, please contact:

Shawneece Hennighan, Diversity Recruiting Specialist; shennighan@tnc.org; (302) 747-7743


VonGretchen C. Nelson, GLOBE Program Director; vnelson@tnc.org; (803) 316-6789

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Next South Conference & Career Fair – February 27, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.57.17 PM


Generation Green and the Georgia Conservancy present NEXT SOUTH – the largest conference in the Southeast dedicated to inspiring and empowering future leaders seeking careers in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

A full day of speakers, keynotes and panels relevant to understanding the industry landscape – present and future.

Participating companies include:

AGL Resources  •  Brown-Forman  •  CDC  •  Chipotle  •  City of Atlanta  •  Coca-Cola  •  Compost Wheels  •  Cox Enterprises  •  Emerald Cities  •  Ernst & Young  •  Garnish & Gather  •  Homrich Partners  •  Inman Solar  •  Mansfield Clean Energy Partners  •  Mohawk Industries  •  National Wildlife Federation  •  Novelis  •  Opportunity Knocks  •  Red Hare Brewing  •  Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance  •  SolAmerica Energy  •  Sustainable Talent  •  UPS  •  White Oak Pastures  •  Whole Foods

New companies and presenters joining every week! Detailed schedule to be announced in December.


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Think Again About Job Shadowing

Job Shadow Banner


  1. Can’t decide to go corporate or boutique?  Do you feel led to work with a nonprofit but have the skills to work in finance?  Job shadowing can help you narrow down your choices.
  2. All of the job shadowing hosts are Davidson alumni, parents and friends that want to help you!  So there is no reason to feel intimidated.
  3. Some hosts with hiring abilities use job shadowing as a screening mechanism for future internships and entry-level positions.
  4. Hands-on experience gives you content for your resume as well as language to use in an interview.
  5. We’ll help you offset the costs.  Students can request reimbursement for travel and accommodations.  We even have alumni that will offer their homes for you to stay in.


Approximately 100 job shadowing positions have been reopened on WildcatLink.  Check them out now and don’t miss the opportunity to expand your experience!

Please direct questions to Jamie Stamey.

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Citco – Finance Positions within a World-Leader

Representatives from the Citco Group of Companies came to campus to support a range of full-time and internship opportunities at their relatively new but growing Charlotte location.About Citco

Citco helps to track the investments and holdings of many types of investment funds to support both the clients and the financial controllers who make the investment decisions on their behalf. At their core they are an accounting firm, but the types of challenges they face daily go well beyond the “vanilla” investment portfolios of many mutual funds. As new types of deals have evolved and investment opportunities have become more complicated, the need for organizations like Citco to bring accuracy and clarity in financial record keeping and transparency to all stakeholders has become essential. As the representatives mentioned a couple times, “Bernie Madoff was very good for our business. “

Accounting is key to their work, but not essential to a student’s training before coming to Citco.

Citco came to Davidson to find the type of student who can learn quickly and handle the complexity of the deals that the company helps to manage. They look for students with either a strong understanding of accounting, or a strong understanding of financial capital markets AND the ability to learn the other side. From Davidson, they believe that our students can see Citco as a place to build a career and stay in multiple roles, or perhaps take the knowledge they gain and go into the management of their own funds, other financial services careers, or greater business endeavors.

The culture of Citco will appeal to many Davidson students as well. With casual attire as the rule, beer and wine after 5:00 in the office, a staff that trends younger than average and a variety of social events throughout the year, the Charlotte office may be a good fit for a new graduate or a summer intern.  But with operations in 40 countries, Citco employees may take their work to other offices around the world as well.  Look for their positions in WildcatLink and apply soon!

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Vault’s Top Internships for 2015!

Vault LogoDid you know that 40 percent of all full-time hires are sourced through internship programs? This means that, for those looking to work for the most desired and admired employers in the country, internships are no longer a luxury but a necessity. That is why the Center for Career Development at Davidson College is providing you with free access to these trusted rankings!

Vault administered its Internship Experience Survey earlier this year to approximately 5,800 interns at 100 different internship programs. As part of the survey, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, respondents were asked to rate their internship experiences in five areas: quality of life, compensation and benefits, interview process, career development, and full-time employment prospects. These ratings were averaged to determine an overall score for each program and develop a Top Ranking. Vault Graphic Step 1: Login to your programs’ Vault Access Link.

Step 2: If you are an existing user, please enter your log in credentials under the “Please Log In” section.  If you forgot your password or don’t know if you are a current user, click on the “Forgot Password?” link and follow the steps to resetting your account. If this is your first time to Vault, click on the “Create My Vault Account” link to register.

Step 3: Customize your account! We urge you to create a profile to the best of your capability to get viewed by top employers & recruiters, tailor your content, and apply for jobs and more.

Step 4: Get Started Now! Don’t delay, access Vault today. Check with the Center for Career Development for information on best using Vault. Feel free to search additional information such as our Vault Tutorial Video within our Support Center. Happy searching!

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NEWS: Davidson Offers Students Reimbursement for Job Shadowing Program


To help Davidson students take part in the 2014 Job Shadowing Program, the Center for Career Development is making funds available to help offset travel and accommodation expenses.  Eligible expenses can include transportation and housing.  The minimum required to apply for funding is $50 in expected costs.  Expense reimbursements may range from $50-$200, depending on distance being traveled and necessity for an overnight stay. Please see the details below:

In order to receive funding for the Job Shadowing Program, Davidson students must:

  • apply to shadowing experiences on WildcatLink between October 27 and November 10, be selected for a shadowing experience and carry through as a participant in the program.

  • have had your resume approved by Career Development staff prior to applying to positions.

  • conduct one practice interview using the online platform InterviewStream prior to reimbursement deadline, December 1.

Students can apply for funding through this program November 20 - December 1.  Though we will make every effort to help each student who applies, should we be forced to choose among eligible students, priority will be given to students as follows:

  • Students with demonstrated financial need through Davidson.

  • Students who are offered multiple experiences through the shadowing program.

  • Students with the greatest anticipated expenses to participate.

Students will be notified of the maximum amount they may be reimbursed and have two options for receiving the funds:

  1. Prior to the shadowing experience, the approved amount can be deposited into your Davidson Student Travel Fund.  Upon return to campus in January, receipts and unused funds must be submitted to the Center for Career Development.

  2. After participation in the experience, students can submit proof of expenses (in the form of original receipts) and will be reimbursed for the amount spent or the maximum reimbursement allotted (student will receive the lesser of the two).

If you have any questions about the Job Shadowing Program or this reimbursement opportunity, please contact Jamie Stamey, Assistant Director for Internships in the Center for Career Development.

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MeadWestvaco: All over your house, and some great job opportunities

MWV makes every French's Mustard Cap!  Millions per year!

MWV makes every French’s Mustard Cap! Millions per year!

Maddie Parrish ’13 and John Stillwell ’13 returned to campus to present on their employer since graduation, MeadWestvaco.  The two of them are both members of a new Sales Rotational Program that will introduce them to several opportunities with the company over two years, both across the United States and abroad.  At the end of the rotation both plan to stay on at the company.

MeadWestvaco (MWV) is perhaps known best for their paper- and cardboard-based products.  As the producer for well over 50% of the cardboard containers for Coca-Cola and Anheuser Busch along with over 4,000 other brands, MWV is a major player in paper-based packaging in this country and around the globe.  In fact, they currently hold 79% of the global packaging market and have operations in 33 countries worldwide.

The important work of doing packaging well is both an art and a science.  Maddie stressed the importance of the hands-on experience of purchasing a product, and the importance of the look and feel on buyers decisions.  John recently took part in a testing day when they stress-tested cardboard cases filled with Budweiser.  In addition to being quite entertaining, they learned a lot about the weak spots of the containers and will bring these findings back to the designers for future improvements.

Another part of MWV related to their growing specialty chemical products business.  Through these initiatives they are involved with a range of other clients.  They are the sole supplier for carbon filters used to protect passengers and the environment from gas fumes coming from every car made in this country.  MWV has also come up with a asphalt that can be laid in colder climates and has a very lucrative contract with China to supply it.  On a smaller scale, they are the sole supplier of French’s mustard caps and produce many plastic pumps and other gadgets.  All of this makes for a large and wide business with multiple opportunities for their rotational staff members.

Producers of cardboard and paper packaging for 4,000 customers and growing!

Producers of cardboard and paper packaging for 4,000 customers and growing!

Based out of Richmond,Virginia, Maddie and John have already traveled quite a bit in their first year on the job.  Maddie will spend 5-8 months in Bristol, England coming up as well.  Their jobs are challenging, but also quite a bit of fun.

The Finance Rotational program is posted now in WildcatLink.  Look for other roles soon.  John and Maddie recommend that all interested students take a look at mwvcampuscareers.com for the rotational programs and internships!

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Goldman Sachs Vice President Visits Campus!

GS LogoOn Wednesday, October 8, 2014, Mr. Rob Hutchinson ’77, a Vice President at Goldman Sachs Wealth Management, came to campus to give a general overview of the company and specifically the Wealth Management division.  Sarah Duncan ’15, joined Mr. Hutchison for the conversation.  Sarah had the opportunity to work in the New York office as a 2014 Summer Analyst, and will be returning next July as a full-time analyst.

Mr. Hutchinson, a native of North Carolina, was an English major at Davidson and has been with Goldman Sachs since 1987. He explained the differences between the divisions at the firm, the differences in culture, work hours and basic roles that people within the firm play. The information session focused mostly on Goldman Sachs as a company, the Investment Banking Division, and the Asset Management Division.

The Asset Management division is responsible for money management and is a client-facing position. Sarah Duncan explained that her mornings were made up of talking to clients about their personal accounts, the market, and helping the financial advisors with anything they needed. Every morning during her 10-week internship, she spoke to one particular client, to the extent that she built a solid personal relationship with this client. This is what a typical day looks like for a analyst. As analysts progress in wealth management, they move closer and closer to client-facing roles. Duncan and Hutchinson also emphasized the difference in time commitment in investment management, in comparison to the investment banking division. In her role, Sarah Duncan arrived at her internship by 7:00am at the latest, and departed after 9:00pm, working about 60 hours every week.

Hutchinson spoke about the culture of Goldman Sachs, and honed in on the “client” aspect of the 14 business principles upon which the business is built. He emphasized that, at Goldman Sachs, clients always come first, and the “long-term greedy” partnership that is forged with clients reflects this principle. Furthermore, the company invests in the people that work there. Sarah Duncan gave the example of how she received over 45 business cards after two super days. At Goldman Sachs, fit is very important, and during the interview process the interviewers are looking for someone who will be a good fit for the company.

If you are interested in learning more about Goldman Sachs, you are encouraged to reach out to Sarah Duncan about her experience over the summer.

Summer 20115 Analyst applications were due on October 19th.

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Destination Unknown: We know it was a success!

destination-unknown300On Monday, September 29th, at 7:30 P.M., the Center for Career Development and the Residence Life Office hosted Destination Unknown: Realizing the Potential for Your Future.  The event was targeted at delivering information particularly important for Davidson seniors.

Center staff and student ambassadors provided information about the job and graduate school searches, resume improvement, cover letter writing, and social media polishing.  Jamie Johnson, Associate Director for the Center for Career Development, answered questions and provided information about the graduate school search.  She “felt it went very well and provided a foundation for other similar events to come in the future.”

Students could also take professional headshots for their LinkedIn accounts.  If all of these useful resources weren’t enough, yummy hors d’oeuvres and mocktails were served.  Ory Streeter, one of the Area Coordinators at RLO, worked as a bartender, requiring students to give a fact about responsible drinking in a professional setting before receiving a mocktail.

Seniors loved the event!  Alexandra Clark ’15 said, “The experienced career counselors, both students and faculty, gave me really helpful advice and tips to prepare me for my career search and for life after Davidson.  The Center for Career Development is an awesome resource for seniors and I look forward to going to more of their events.”

Seniors, don’t worry if you missed this event!  Make an appointment with a staff member from the Center or stop by walk-in hours for Center staff or student ambassadors to see what you missed.  You are always welcome!

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