Removing Cover Images from PAGES

The templates for our websites don’t have an easy box to uncheck so that your cover image wont appear within your page. If you don’t want your cover image to appear at the top of your page you have to go into Editor and change the code. (This is just for pages, not for posts) […]


This post is actually going to be a little shot, but I saw Ela’s post about getting different sidebar menus and I knew that I actually wanted to use sidebars as well throughout my website.  I downloaded the Widget Logic plugin but for some reason I could not get it to work.  I might have […]

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Different Sidebar Menus on Different Pages

For my personal site I wanted to use sidebar menus as a major part of navigation, but I didn’t want to have to have all my pages in the sidebar menu because it would be really long. I was looking for way to have a menu appear on certain pages, but not on others, so […]

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“Read More” Option for Magazine Theme

I’m using the Magazine theme for my personal website, but as I was working on it, I realized the single column of posts on my homepage to be way too long.  I wanted to have my synthesis posts displayed there under the Featured Slider, and on the bottom have other sections displayed.  But synthesis posts […]

Blog Post Audit

The various blog posts I wrote in Building Stories have helped me grow as a writer in several ways.  Through class discussions, workshops, and comments from my classmates, I learned to develop a strong, clear voice that is true to myself as a writer while still appropriate for the given audience.  For example, in my […]