The Headline Says It All: Top Davidsonian Headlines from 50 Years Ago

The Davidsonian, Davidson College’s official student newspaper, has been printing for over 100 years. Whether in print or online, members of the Davidson family appreciate their news coverage.  As this academic year winds to a close, let’s take a step back in time and check out some of the headlines from the academic year 50 years ago.

Click on an image to expand and read headlines. Want to read the story behind one of these headline? Check out the Davidson College Archive’s digital collection, The Davidsonian Digitized.


September 1958

____________September 1958 headlines________________________

October 1958

October 1958 headlines____________________________________

November 1958

November 1958 headlines____________________________________

December 1958

December 1958 headlines____________________________________

January – February 1959

Jan-Feb 1959 headlines____________________________________

March 1959

March 1959 headlines____________________________________

April 1959

April 1959 headlines____________________________________

May 1959

May 1959 headlines

What do you think of The Davidsonian‘s headlines from 50 years ago? Did any catch your eye?

~Tammy Ivins, Archives Fellow


  1. I like that these are like low-tech word clouds. Nice!

  2. Jan Blodgett says:

    While I was pasting these together, I couldn’t put my finger on what look I was going for, but in hindsight I think word clouds are exactly it!
    In August I’ll be starting the Library Science masters program at UNC-Chapel Hill, and one of the things I’m interested in is information access. Maybe there’s something here to keep in the back of my mind for future projects: in addition to keyword clouds, just having the article titles themselves in a word cloud. Hmmmm.
    Thanks! ~Tammy, Archives Fellow

  3. Sara Lee says:

    These headlines make me really want to know what the story behind is. Do Freshman Counselors REALLY know everything..and what about Billy May and the jazz. This is just such fun.!!!! Thanks for doing this. Makes me wonder what someone would think of our headlines 50 years from now…

  4. Larissa Hohe says:

    Is the May 1959 “Fraternities Throw Final Flings as Exam clouds Loom Nearer” a reference to something reminiscent of today’s Frolics?
    And why did they get rid of summer sessions?? People at other colleges and universities never seem to understand why we don’t offer an optional summer term…(May 1959)
    And April 1959 “Students Should Repeal Drink Ban”–so students must have had control over the ban to be able to repeal it, then?
    I just rediscovered this blog….I love this kind of stuff =)

  5. Jan Blodgett says:

    Yes, the current frolics have ties to dance weekends in the past. The name is the same but activities are different now. Before coeducation, the Frolics were important in bringing visitors (as in young women from area colleges) to campus.
    The “Repeal Drink Ban” came from an editorial calling for changes in the student approved Code of Responsibility but not in any faculty imposed regulations.
    The summer school question will take a bit more research – look for a blog entry on it later this summer!

  6. Really curious about the headline, “Davidson to get another bowl bid?”
    I thought the only bowl game Davidson was in was the 1969 Tangerine Bowl, which was 10 years after this article.
    Just curious.

  7. Jan Blodgett says:

    You’re right – this bowl bid was for the College Bowl Quiz show. Check out the March 25, 2009 entry for more on Davidson’s College bowl teams.