For the Record

October is National Archives Month with the theme of “Celebrating the American Record.” North Carolina recognizes October 19-25 as Archives Week “Celebrating the North Carolina Record”, complete with a proclamation from the governor.  In honor of the month and week, this week’s blog is asking for some information that has been off the college record for some decades. I need someone to fess up to a prank.

2009 Archives Week PostcardFirst, the image chosen forthe 2009 North Carolina’s Archives week celebrates Carnegie Libraries.  The selection committee noted the the image:

reflects one part of the North
Carolina record deserving commemoration: the rich legacy of libraries built in North Carolina with funding from Andrew Carnegie. At least sixteen libraries, public and academic, were built in North Carolina, with many celebrating 100th  anniversaries in this decade. Academic libraries were built at Biddle University (now  Johnson C. Smith University), Davidson College, Guilford College, Livingstone College, UNC  hapel Hill, and Woman’s College (now the University of North Carolina at  Greensboro). All of the academic libraries were completed by 1911. The Carnegie libraries at Guilford College  and Livingstone College continue in use as libraries today. Public libraries were built with Carnegie funds in  Andrews, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Hendersonville, Hickory, Murphy, Rutherford College and Winston- Salem, with grants awarded between 1901 and 1917.

College gatesDavidson College is one of those 16 colleges who will be celebrating a 100th anniversary next (so stay tuned for more blogs on the library)  and our “For the Record” question is related to the building. The Class of 1924 gave entrance gates to the campus that framed the Carnegie Library (now Carnegie Guest House).  Some time later,  the two balls that topped the gates were painted black and one was painted as an 8-Ball.  We’re not sure from the photographs of the date – or who might have been part of the prank. Help us celebrate Archives Week and Month -fill in this gap in our record.  Fess up if you were a part of it, give us a date if you remember when it happened, tell us the story behind the prank.

And if you have other stories that should be part of the Davidson record, send ’em in.