Starting a farm… slowly

At some point I want Commons to use mostly vegetables grown on campus.  But this will not happen before I graduate.  In fact, I would say that this goal is probably a decade away.  But the scope of the task should not be a cause to lose hope.  With steady and organized progress the Davidson Farm can evolve into a source of pride (and food) for the college.

That leads to our project.  Along with work with the goats (a permanent population that will manage kudzu) the group will look at options for hydroponic vegetable production, phytopods (a small vertical farming unit), and soil testing to find the ideal compost materialsd.  These are small steps, but they are realistic and feasible small steps.  They will help develop aspects of the farm as more attention and money is paid.  As of now it is getting the farm started (slowly).

Notes from our first meeting

Just a couple of notes from our first meeting last week:

  • Possible projects relating to goats: perhaps work to create a student/summer position to help take care of the goats, possibly find ways to get the community involved with the goats
  • Possible projects relating to farm: a plan for expansion, feasibility of using it to feed students, academic applications, alternative farming methods
  • Looking a possible alternative farming methods including vertical farming and/or aquaponics

Let me know if I forgot anything.