The Asian Culture Awareness Association (ACAA) is the largest Asian and Asian American interest group at Davidson College. ACAA was created to establish and maintain a spirit of solidarity among Asian and Asian American students of Davidson College.

We are an organization that encourages students of all backgrounds to able to come together to learn about and experience a wide variety of Asian and Asian American cultures. We aim to educate students about issues facing Asian and Asian American communities and what contributions can be made to bring these issues to light by bringing in speakers and sharing personal experiences.

The organization holds monthly general meetings in order to discuss both global and local issues pertaining to the Asian and Asian-American community and to foster a welcoming community for Asian and Asian American students and their allies.

In addition, these meetings serve to plan many of the events and celebrations ACAA holds each year, such as the Lunar New Year, APIAA Awareness Week and Holi. ACAA strives to constantly build on the existence of traditional ACAA events, while also promoting long lasting projects that would reinforce the foundation of multiculturalism on our campus.

Our general meetings are in the Multicultural House at 7pm to 8pm on every first and third Thursday of each month.



The Asian Culture Awareness Association is committed to promoting awareness about the contributions of Asians and Asian Americans. ACAA strives to maintain a sense of unity among the Asian-American students while inviting all students, Asian and non-Asian, to explore and cultivate their interests in Asian and Asian-American culture.