Photo Used with Permission By: Luca Galuzzi – www.galuzzi.it


This website is designed to focus on the unique physiology of giraffes. Holding the title for “the world’s tallest mammal”, a giraffe’s height can range anywhere from 15 to 18 feet (National Geographic). Towering over the African grasslands, you might wonder how giraffes are able to pump blood to their brain which can be more than seven feet away from their heart (Warren, 96). Well, giraffes maintain several distinct mechanisms that allow them to circulate blood throughout their enormous body and lower possibilities for fainting or blood clots. Giraffes are truly remarkable animals and their physiology to circulate blood is incredible.

This website was created as a part of a class project in the Animal Physiology Class at Davidson College. For questions and comments please use the email link below. Enjoy the cite!

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