25 years of excavations, scholarship, cooperation
and friendship.


Commemorative Celebrations
4–6 July 2015
Athienou, Cyprus

– – –
4 July 2015
AAP Alumni Reunion and American Independence Day BBQ
Hosted by this summer’s staff and field school students at the New Palace.

5 July 2015
Day-long excursion to Limassol area archaeological sites with the afternoon at the beach
Guided by Eleni Kalapoda.

6 July 2015
Malloura Site Tours with Dr. Michael Toumazou and Staff
Athienou Municipal Museum and AAP Lab Tours
Special events for AAP family kids
Evening Village Celebration at Town Hall with remarks by Dr. Toumazou, staff and dignitaries.
– – –

10015001_788826624568954_1504164378526219182_oPlease RSVP to AAPCyprus25@gmail.com to let us know your plans ASAP.

AAP will help facilitate housing arrangements in/near Athienou for the duration of your stay. Short-term babysitting services available.

Additional commemorative celebrations to be held in Davidson, NC, in conjunction with Homecoming weekend in 2–3 October 2015.
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